Ice crackle tube preamp

Tube amp head sound, digital control range.

This monster is our proud! 

Compare to digital preamp, Our goals are to design an amazing tone machine with small size and better sounding than most of all-tube head.

Digital preamp has a lot of parameters, so they can be tweaked to make many kinds of amp sound, they are convenient, in high end grade, their sound is close to a real thing.

But If we use a real thing and new control system to develop a whole new preamp, what will be happened?

The answer is “sound the same as a real one and wilder control range like a digital gear!”

You can put this beast on you pedal board and use your system controller to switch its channel, our pure analog cab simulator design is not an analog muddy toy, it has smooth high and correct low end for recording and PA system.

This EQ system is unique and wider range, it is not easy to adjust a nasty sound.

Key feature:

1. Pure tube clean channel

2. Use 250v dc  to fire up 12ax7 for  real tube sounding.

3. multi channel design, Sound the same as all tube head.

4. All analog design cab simulator, smooth high and correct low end.

5. Remote control function 

6. Series effect loop for your reverb and delay gear

7. Light weight design

8. Global 24v power adapter for safety, use it in any country!

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